The trust founded by Mr.jayaraj on 1/10/2015 ,And it was founded to achieve the goal of Dr.Abdulkalam.

To service in the way of Dr.Abdul kalam way

Postings given to you by seeing your interest and how you working for our trust ,on the basis we decided to give you postings

You have to maintain the postings by doing our work properly for our trust and follow the rules and regulations of our trust

The rules and regulations of joining the trust is fill the membership form and submit I'd card,ration card Xerox,two photos.

The eligibility is you should interest in doing service and have the inspiration of Dr.Abdulkalam

Yes ,You can give materials and fund on behalf of you our trust will do.

Yes,you can send money to our trust account

We help the people by verify them they need our help.

Yes,we give receipt for ur reference.

For the development of our trust and for helping the needy we need money.

Yes,all you details are confidential and it is secured

Responsibility of the member is do their work in good manner

Service to be done in the needy area.

It is completely non political

No it's not done by any political party.

Yes our trust fully secured for girls who joining in our trust

You have to pay Rs.250 for membership.

Member ship amount is spilted into two,100rs for I'd and other formality ,and 150rs for our trust corpus fund


Join with Us to become a volunteer to serve the people and to help thousands of Children to enlighten their life